Cambridge Exam VS IELTS: What is the Difference & Which One is for You

If you want to study or work in an English speaking country then you need to score well in an English exam to show up your skills to the other nation. How will you get to know that which exam is for you- Cambridge exam or IELTS exam? Which exam will help you to achieve your goals? Which one is the best option? CAE or IELTS? Which exam will help you to get admission into the university you want to study? Nowadays, candidates are worried and doubtful about which exam they should actually apply. But you are here on the right site where you will get all the information regarding the CAE and IELTS examination. It does not matter how fluent speaker you are but if you are willing to study in an English speaking country but are from a nation that does not actually recognize English well then you need to appear for an exam to prove your English skills to the other nations.  There are many differences in both the exams and all of them are listed below. The below differences will help you to decide that which exam you need to apply for.

BEST EXAM FOR YOU: If you are giving an exam for a specific job or for the admission in any specific university, you should work hard towards getting that one. If you are just required to get a certificate that judges your general English then CAE is the best option for you as the CAE exam is totally based upon general English.

With the above points, we have made clear that which exam you should actually choose for yourself. You should first clear yourself up with what you want to do, in which university or school you want to study. After deciding the same, you need to check whether the university accepts CAE or IELTS along with the minimum marks and band scores. No matter whatever scores the university asks for but in order to achieve that success, you have to work hard with the same whether it be CAE or an IELTS exam. Both the exams check your skills on the basis of speaking, listening, writing and reading. Many students try to do self-study but in order to achieve success in one attempt of the exam, you should go up for a course of IELTS or CAE which will help you to clear all your doubts and help you to perform well in the exam later.

So, do not worry students and work hard because hard work and patience is always the key to success.

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