Everything you need to know about IELTS Examination

To know in detail about the IELTS examination, one has to know all about what is IELTS? Structure of exam, preparation of exam, fee structure, eligibility requirement, results of the exam.

Now let us learn everything about the IELTS examination.

What is IELTS?

The whole world’s most famous English language test for higher studies, work and migration are The International English language testing system(IELTS) with more than 2.5 million tests taken each year. IELTS judges all the four English language skills of a candidate- Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. It has an excellent reputation nation-wide and more than 9000 organizations accept IELTS including schools, universities etc.

What is the structure of the IELTS exam?

The structure of the IELTS exam follows the pattern of Standard English examinations. The IELTS exam has four parts:

Listening (30 minutes)

Reading (60 minutes)

Speaking(11-14 minutes)

Writing (60 minutes)

The total duration of the test is 2 hours and 45 minutes. The listening, reading and writing tests are taken on the same day. But the speaking test is taken before or after the seven days of examination.

There are two types of IELTS formats. The test format depends on the requirement of the candidate and the organization the candidate is applying to.

IELTS General Training:

IELTS general training test is for those who want to migrate to other countries or are going to other countries to train or study at low degree levels.

IELTS Academic:

IELTS academic is for those test takers who want to apply for professional registration or want to apply for the undergraduate or postgraduate programs.

Preparation of IELTS:

Most of the IELTS practice materials are available online. The official IELTS practice material is available at the official site of IELTS which is ielts.org. Possible areas of interest may be Television, film or popular music. Possible topics for Reading and Writing part might be the role of music in different cultures, media, newspapers, criminal punishments, and all other general news topics and the happenings in the world. The information resources help in providing necessary general interest topics:

The BBC World Service, the Economist, National Geographic, Time Magazine, etc.

Where, when and how does the IELTS examination takes place?

Anyone can register for the IELTS examination online or through the branch of British Council in various cities. Almost all the information can be taken online or through the British Council.

The British Council offers this test in 42 locations in India. On the completion of all the formalities of registration for the test, the candidate will receive an email with the test confirmation with full exam details and venue of the exam before 5 days of the IELTS exam. IELTS is so popular and is offered up to 4 times in a month for more than 140 countries. The fixed days for the IELTS test are Saturdays and Thursdays. The results of the tests are declared after 13 days of the examination date through the post. Although, the results are declared online too. IELTS test can be given as many times as a candidate wants to.

What are the required documents for the registration of the IELTS test?

A candidate must provide the proof of identity either passport or the national identity card at the time of registration of the test. The identity document must contain the photograph, date of birth, a phone number and a signature of the candidate. Candidates who will give the IELTS test outside their country must have their passport. Two recent identical passport size photographs of the candidate must be submitted at the time of registration. The candidates must bring the same identity document on the IELTS exam day that they submitted at the time of registration of the exam. If the candidate does not do so then he/she will not be allowed to appear in the test and will not be given any refund.

What is the fee for registration?

The fee for registration of the test is around 12000 INR. The test is provided for 4 times a month in various cities. The fee for the test changes year after year.

Still, if you are not ready to give the test, you can cancel the test. As if you will postpone or cancel your submitted application before 5 weeks of the test date, you will receive the refund excluding your administration charges.

If you postpone or cancel your test within 5 weeks of the date of examination, you will eventually lose your full paid fee. Only if you have a serious medical problem and you submit a medical certificate within 5 weeks or 5 days before the test, you will then only get the refund except for the administrative charges.

Eligibility requirement:

Although there is no specific age requirement or eligibility criteria to appear for the examination of IELTS. Usually, students give the IELTS exam when they plan to study abroad and require minimum band result to take admission in their desired university or college. Students below the age of 16 are advised to not give the examination. Else, all the IELTS rules are stipulated by the officials.

What is the structure of the result of the exam?

There is no pass or fail in the IELTS exam result. The test judges and masters all skills of the English language. The test results are made from overall viewing and thorough check in all the four parts of test- Listening, Reading, Writing, And Speaking. Then the result is made as an overall band of all the four categories of the test. The 9 band score reflects the best performance and the 1 band score reflects the worst performance.

Though IELTS is not a tough examination but clearing the test with full preparation is best in every means. However, many give the test with little preparation and thus get the worth marks. So, do not hurry at any point and give the test with thorough preparation so that you clear the test in one attempt. Hence, we have provided you with all of the necessary details one should know about the IELTS exam before applying for it. Hope, we worked for you.

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