Is The IELTS Easy?

Is the IELTS examination really that hard? Or is it easy? This is a question that arises in every candidate’s thoughts and they do not know much about the level of the IELTS examination. However, every examination is easy if you have proper preparation and the courage to clear the exam. Same is the case with the IELTS exam; it also needs full preparation and courage. There is nothing new in any exam. Every exam has its course and candidates need to go through the course in-depth in order to clear the exam. You might have heard from many IELTS test takers that IELTS exam is difficult only if you come unprepared to appear for the exam. Preparing for this exam needs a proper focus on every segment and different parts of the exam.

The four parts of the exam are:





Before you worry about the exam and its preparation, let us tell you that the difficulty level stands differently for every candidate. It varies from one person to another. One might tell you the difficulties in listening and writing part whereas the other one might tell all were easy. So, it is but obvious and very clear that it totally depends on your hard work and patience. How hard you will find this exam tough is totally based on your own practice in various segments of the exam. The best way to check your preparation is to start doing self-assessments based on the IELTS course.

Speaking Section

The speaking section might seem easy for many and they may perform well in this task leisurely. Many might be facing crisis to clear this segment as they may not be having fluent grip in English speaking. For those who have plenty of knowledge and presenting skills. The speaking section might be susceptible for the one who did much practice in speaking part. Although, it is significant to answer all the questions and not replying that I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. This will lead to a bad impact of you in front of the examiner. Answer the questions with full confidence and do not hesitate at any point.  It happens often that candidates appearing for Speaking test face trouble as they do not have sufficient knowledge on the particular topic of what they are asked to present. So, prepare well in order to clear the test and scoring good score.

Listening Section

In this section, you are judged and given marks on the basis of your understanding and replying power. This listening section needs you to pay full attention to what the examiner says before answering the question. Many candidates find this section as one of the hardest only due to the lack of preparation. Prepare well for this task too as you will find many tutorials also on youtube and other sites. But make sure you do not waste time on just listening and not responding. Do more and more self-assessments in order to appear well in front of the examiner.

Writing Section

Now come to the third section of the IELTS exam which is also not easy or difficult but is considered as the most significant as it judges your knowledge on the various topics. But what difficulties do people face while appearing for this test? They face troubles in writing as they do not know what to write. They do not have that plenty of information and knowledge on the particular topic provided. For scoring well in this part, you should have more and more knowledge of various topics. Start reading essays, news, and other reading kinds of stuff in order to acquire proper information on various topics. It is a problem for those who have the crisis in writing as the writing section asks you to give the complete answers within the allowed time limit. You are only given one hour of the time to perform well for this segment. The writing section is divided into two tasks bounded with both different time limit. To attempt the first task, only 20 minutes are allotted and the other task gives you 40 minutes to fully attempt the questions. You are given in every question with different word limits and you must satisfy the minimum number of word limit to attain good marks.

Again, in this section also, it is your hard work and preparation that helps you in succeeding.

Reading Section

Now, we will be discussing the reading section of how hard and easy it is. The candidates are provided with a time limit of one hour to attempt this section. You are asked to answer a number of 40 questions after reading almost around 2000 words. People appearing for this test might find hard this part tough as many may not be having the nice grip on their English vocabulary and they might face an enigma in scanning and skimming the test. For performing well in this task, you should prepare prior to reading books, novels, and newspapers. Prepare well for your English vocabulary. It not only means your vocabulary to be good but your understanding power of the proses should also be great as until and unless you won’t understand the prose, just reading the prose will not help you gain marks. There are many IELTS books that offer various practice papers that you can do. You should do self-assessments as much as you can in order to perform well in the IELTS examination.

You should do more and more practice for every section of the IELTS exam. If you do not do so, then you will eventually find the exam difficult.

If you study with proper planning and strategy, you might have difficulties in some areas. And knowing those difficulties and finding problems to them will help you learn more.

So, it is just that IELTS is easy for those who have prepared well for the examination and is tough for those who have not prepared at all and they believed in their luck. Luck should not be blamed, you might be blamed. You should work hard and do practice on daily basis in order to achieve the highest band score in the IELTS examination.

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