The Importance of IELTS Language Test Results for Canada Immigration Applications

Do you know which test is required to apply for immigration in Canada? The IELTS test results are required in order to apply. Everyone who wants to go abroad has to give the IELTS examination. For some this exam is difficult and for other this exam is easy. The version of the test and the required scores depends on the category of immigration you apply under. Now it depends on your preparation that the exam is easy or tough for you. In order to gain a Canadian visa, You will have to present your English aptitude for Immigration, Refugees and citizenship Canada (IRCC). IELTS is one of the nation’s most famous high-standard English language tests, with more than 3 million tests taken in the previous year.

In almost all universities and colleges and all other professional associations across Canada accept the IELTS test. Different associations have their set minimum language requirements for professional registration. IELTS is a test that opens doors. If you are applying in Canada for the work visa, professional registration, or for permanent residence, it may happen that you will be asked to present your IELTS test result as part of your application. IELTS results are also accepted for the citizenship of Canada.

Canadian Language Benchmarks

CANADIAN LANGUAGE BENCHMARKS (CLB) are the nationalized standards that are used in Canada for describing, measuring and recognizing the candidate’s English language proficiency of the adult immigrant and prospective immigrants for living and working in Canada.

What Scores Do You Need?

Now, this is a common question that arises in each person’s mind. The IELTS score that you require totally depends on the requirements of your visa applied and the organization in which you applied for work or study. IELTS checks your English proficiency on a scale of the 1-9 band in four skills that are Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking. You have a choice of two test versions that are IELTS ACADEMIC and IELTS GENERAL TRAINING. Now it is up to you that for what purpose you are giving your IELTS test. And for this, you should have full knowledge about both the tests. IELTS ACADEMIC measures your English language proficiency required for an academic, and higher learning surroundings. Whereas on the other hand, IELTS GENERAL TRAINING measures your English proficiency for the workplaces and social situations. Until and unless you have IELTS test results you won’t be allowed in Canada. Different institutions and workplaces have their set IELTS band score.

IELTS test takers are measured on the basis of their marks In the four parts of the test- Listening, Speaking, Writing, Reading depending upon the system of 1 being the lowest and score and 9 being the highest band score. The language proficiency of a candidate is a core component of Canada’s immigration.

Importance of IELTS

IELTS for the study is mainly required in order to study in Canada. If you want to pursue your next higher level studies abroad, then this test is very significant as the test results matter.

Find a Date to Appear For Test

As you are sure that you want to appear for IELTS and have done preparation for the same too then the next step is to find a test date. You can give an IELTS test in any corner of the world. You can give an IELTS test in almost more than 150 locations across all over Canada. There is a test center in almost every city and regional cities. IELTS tests are always taken on Thursdays and Saturdays but are taken up to 4 times in a month and 48 times per annum. Test dates for the IELTS examination are provided on the official site a year prior. So, those students can give the test on the date that suits them and they can prepare well.

Preparation for The Test

Now, this is the major part to be performed as preparation is must in order to appear in an optimum way. Preparing for your test is the most significant part of the process. Preparation is what makes a person successful. To start the preparation of the IELTS test, you are required to understand the format of the test. Familiarise your own self with the test format in detail. Go through all the rules and regulations of IELTS. After the completion of going through the test format, make sure you know every single detail of the test and IELTS rules. Now it is the time to make a proper planning and strategy on how to start preparing for the test. Write down the entire syllabus and go through in detail. Now make a proper timetable and set targets for how and when to do. Target different segments and complete them thoroughly. By doing this you will be having a planned strategy and prior set timetable which will help you later in resulting with in-depth syllabus completion on time. Practice more and more sample papers in order to test your caliber of how well you have prepared for the test. IELTS provides officially test materials too and you can do those assessments. Also, if you face difficulties in preparing for the course, various IELTS centers and schools all over the globe offer a preparation course for IELTS.

For the immigration in Canada either for study or work purpose or for permanent residence, various places including institutions have set a band score for candidates. Register yourself as soon as possible with your choice of test date with an IELTS center. There are various options to give the test at various locations. The number of test takers is limited for a particular date. Hence, in order to avoid any problem, make sure you register yourself timely. Contact the center asap. You will have to pay for the test fee online itself. All other information is available on the official IELTS website.  So, the IELTS test needs full preparation and hard work of the candidate. No test is difficult if you have a full preparation done beforehand.


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