Why the Average IELTS Students Gets A 5.5

As already discussed earlier in other articles related to IELTS. It is very clear that cracking an IELTS examination is neither very difficult nor very easy but it requires many tips and tricks to be learned in order to achieve a high band score. Different candidates have different opinions with different mental ability and perform differently. You require IELTS training as it is not meant that candidates having fluent English with the nice accent will score well.  However, it is just that you need to practice hard either you are an Indian or from any other nation but clearing in-depth concepts are significant to score high band score in this particular examination. But the question arises that WHY THE AVERAGE IELTS STUDENT GETS 5.5? This is a big question and needs a proper answer to it. There are many things that average students actually do and successfully do not. So, let us together have a look at this article. Students opening their IELTS result will be surprised seeing the band score of 5.5 and they look at themselves. For most of the candidates, this 5.5 band score consequences in lots of worry and stress.

Now the question arises that are there any factors that secernate successful students from the average ones?

Absolutely, there are some factors. People think that he is very fluent in English and will score great in the IELTS exam but many fail in the writing segment of the exam. It is not always that having fluency in English helps you score great in the IELTS exam. This also happens to the native English speakers. It is only your intelligence and hard work that pays you off. IELTS is not at all correlated with your English level but it is related to your understanding of power and the knowledge you have of the surroundings.

In this article, we will be listing some factors on the basis of which average students score a band of 5.5:

  1. Consuming an immense amount of information:

Candidates watch almost every Youtube video and read every IELTS book along with signing up to every IELTS related Facebook page. Candidates invariably consume and gain information regarding IELTS and think that they will succeed in the exam. They think they have been working hard and will achieve a nice band score. But guys, this is not going to help you in any case. There is an enormous gap in learning how to do and crack something and actually doing it.

But successful students neither watch every single youtube video nor they keep on signing up to the FB pages, they believe in focussing on the concepts of various segments of the exam. Successful students have a proper system in their plans with a proper timetable.

2. Candidates hope they will score good band score:

Now, if you have read the point 2 properly, then what does HOPE means here? This actually tells that candidates believe that my luck will help me in this. I do not need to work hard or train myself. They think that if they have scored a band score of 5.5 then it is their bad luck.

So, in this article, we are clearing your all doubts here.

Making Proper and Efficient Planning System:

What successful students do?

They prepare for the exam in a strategic way. Making a proper timetable of what and when the things to do. You do the mistakes that all other candidates do. Smart students work on the specific areas with specific timing. So, what matters is again your intelligence, way of planning and studying. They make a proper study plan and know exactly what they need to do and when. And in what time they need to complete all the course of IELTS.

This method is not only an effective way that will help you in clearing your IELTS exam but is also very good to learn the things in a proper way and on proper time.

Successful students create their own system and find ways to achieve a nice band score and lead to what they actually want.

  1. Looking up for shortcuts, tips, and tricks:

Candidates who are average and score a band of 5.5 actually search for the tips and tricks and shortcuts to crack the examination. They run away from hard work and are dependent on their luck and tips and tricks. But again, this isn’t going to help you.

Successful students believe in clearing all of their doubt and learning and understanding the concepts with the in-depth search. However, it takes plenty of time and hard work to do so but your hard work before pays you off back later.

Hence, believe in hard work instead of luck and shortcuts. Luck and shortcuts won’t favor you in any case. But proper knowledge will obviously be your friend.

The above factors tell us that WHY THE AVERAGE STUDENT GETS A 5.5?

You should write at the band 7 level that helps you in reality to achieve band 7. Stop gaining plenty of information from various sites and FB pages but start making efforts and putting in real to what you have learned.


We, in this article, have explained everything and now it is you and your understanding that will help you itself.

Many students start with lots and lots of enthusiasm and after a couple of weeks they end up doing anything and eventually lay dependent on luck and shortcuts.

It is only you who will help you in attaining a nice band score and it is not always said that you must take IELTS training to crack the exam. It is only your hard work, understanding power and taking actions to achieve a high band score in the IELTS examination.

Make your mind clear with what you are doing and why you are not achieving a nice band score.

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